Our Partners

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Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization! There are many ways and places to help.  Email info@ceresav.org to get involved.

How you can help


    • Spread our message on social media
    • Give a talk or write a paper on acid violence
    • Write a piece for the CERESAV blog
    • Organize a fundraiser
    • Donate medical supplies
    • Host a technology drive in your community
    • Teach in our online adult education program


Have a different idea for how you can help? Please contact us at info@ceresav.org to discuss!


Raise Awareness

1939855_581855715301568_8643981329051232779_nOne of the primary challenges faced by acid attack survivors is isolation.  After being attacked and disfigured, many survivors do not leave their home for fear of ridicule.  Many survivors are viewed as deserving of the attack.  Many others are disabled and can no longer move about independently.

To successfully campaign against acid violence,  there must be wider public recognition of how frequently it occurs and how devastating the consequences are.  One simple way of contributing to our cause is to like and share our posts on social media.

See CERESAV in the News for more information!






Donate Money

Donate Medical Supplies

CERESAV helps supply Mulago Hospital Burns Unit in Kampala with items desperately needed to aid in survivors’ recovery.  Please visit  our medical supply donations page to learn more.