5a4d8a9b-3a71-4ba5-8456-ba1301df249eOur legal team helps ensure justice for acid attack survivors by:


    • Meeting with survivors after their attack to understand how the attack happened, whether it was reported to the police, and the status of the police investigation
    • Obtaining medical records for use in court proceedings
    • Working with police to ensure all pertinent evidence is available for trial
    • Collaborating with state prosecutors to ensure a speedy and fair trial
    • Attending court proceedings to ensure survivors are represented effectively
    • Helping the survivor and their family pursue legal remedies not covered under criminal law, including payment of medical costs, custody suits, and damages for lost wages



But we can’t do it without your financial support!

Please donate to help grow CERESAV’s capacity to help survivors achieve justice under the law.
How your money will help:
    • $5 will provide a survivor and their family with mobile phone minutes to contact police and prosecutors
    • $10 will provide transportation for a survivor and their family to the police station
    • $50 will help survivors undergo police medical examinations and facilitate witnesses to testify in court
    • $100 will help us raise awareness in the Ugandan media about the need for a separate acid bill
    • $500 will help cover transportation and other costs to government chemists and police surgeons who assess the seriousness of the crime
    • $1500 will cover the fees of a private attorney to prosecute a survivor’s case


Can’t give money but still want to help?

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Suggested post: Earlier this year, I signed a petition through about passing a law to reduce acid violence in Uganda. My signature helped score a major #victoryoverviolence. But CERESAV still needs our support in ensuring justice for acid attack survivors! Please visit their website ( to learn more about this important cause and how you can help.

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