5a4d8a9b-3a71-4ba5-8456-ba1301df249eOur legal team helps ensure justice for acid attack survivors by:


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    • Meeting with survivors after their attack to understand how the attack happened, whether it was reported to the police, and the status of the police investigation
    • Obtaining medical records for use in court proceedings
    • Working with police to ensure all pertinent evidence is available for trial
    • Collaborating with state prosecutors to ensure a speedy and fair trial
    • Attending court proceedings to ensure survivors are represented effectively
    • Helping the survivor and their family pursue legal remedies not covered under criminal law, including payment of medical costs, custody suits, and damages for lost wages

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But we can’t do it without your financial support!

Please donate to help grow CERESAV’s capacity to help survivors achieve justice under the law.

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    • $5 will provide a survivor and their family with mobile phone minutes to contact police and prosecutors
    • $10 will provide transportation for a survivor and their family to the police station
    • $50 will help survivors undergo police medical examinations and facilitate witnesses to testify in court
    • $100 will help us raise awareness in the Ugandan media about the need for a separate acid bill
    • $500 will help cover transportation and other costs to government chemists and police surgeons who assess the seriousness of the crime
    • $1500 will cover the fees of a private attorney to prosecute a survivor’s case


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Can’t give money but still want to help?

Please share James’s video on social media and encourage your friends to follow us and support our work!

Suggested post: Earlier this year, I signed a petition through change.org about passing a law to reduce acid violence in Uganda. My signature helped score a major #victoryoverviolence. But CERESAV still needs our support in ensuring justice for acid attack survivors! Please visit their website (http://ceresav.org) to learn more about this important cause and how you can help.

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