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Prayers for Bogere


Bogere Swalik is a 23 year old man from from Jinja, Uganda who was attacked with acid in early 2016.  He was attacked by a man who wanted to take away his wife.  He has been in the hospital for seven months because the wounds are deep and severe.  His whole chest was burnt and his face, arms and body are swollen.   The attack also left him blind in his left eye.

Bogere’s wife takes care of him but otherwise, no one from his home visits him at the hospital.  The CERESAV team has been helping care for him as much as possible.  Bogere needs a lot of care in terms of food because his body is swollen due to lack of food.  He only gets food from the hospital once a day and the food which the hospital provides for patients is posho and beans and this cannot help his burnt body to regain the fresh skin.  In fact, his situation is worsening every day because his whole body is swollen.  The nurses are advising him to eat a lot of food containing proteins, fat and calories, for example eggs, milk, meat, and fish to enable the wounds heal very fast but he cannot afford them.

He needs a lot of prayers because last week he almost lost his life due to too much pain and over swelling of the body and next week he will undergo a surgery which is not easy.  Therefore he is requesting everyone outside there to support him physically, psychologically and spiritually.

My name is Bongere Swaliki aged 23, I was attacked on 23 Feb 2016 by my best friend over relationship issues and my right eye was blinded.  I would like to thank everyone who has helped in terms of prayers, food donation and medical support.


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  1. Rev. Myoyu Andersen
    September 8, 2016

    Dear Bogere,
    Our prayers and love are with you through this incredible challenge. You are so brave and strong that I think you will survive this and go on to help many people.

    All our love to you,

  2. Kathleen
    September 8, 2016

    You are still in my prayers, Bogere. Be strong and know that you will get better. Lots of love, Kathleen xxx

  3. Paula
    September 8, 2016

    Dear Borege,
    I will pray that you, Erias and Misa get the surgery and food needed as soon as possible. May God strengthen each of you.

  4. Paula
    September 8, 2016

    Dear Bongere
    I’ve been meaning to send this to you for a while now but please know that you’ve been in my prayers and I will continue to pray for your healing and restoration. May our Lord Jesus Christ bring you strength and encouragement during this recovery period. May the attackers of these horrific crimes repent so that their souls may be saved from the pit of destruction. I pray that you have hope and success in every area of your life. May God bless you abundantly and restore you two-fold and more!
    With love and prayers,
    Your friend Paula

  5. Victoria M.
    September 6, 2016

    Bogere, I am praying that you stay strong and that your body is able to recover from the swelling. Sending my love and blessings.

  6. Janette
    August 22, 2016

    I am so sorry this terrible thing happened to you. Please be strong. I pray that you will soon be well and that you will have the courage to fight for good health. I would so much like to help you with good food so that your healing is fast and steady.

  7. Bethany B.
    August 14, 2016

    I continue to pray for your health and healing and that you get the good nutrients you need. God bless you, my friend!

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