HAPPY NEW YEAR TO OUR SUPPORTERS FROM CERESAV TEAM! At the beginning of the year 2018, we want to take a moment and thank our support networks for all the time and effort you invest in supporting the CERESAV team, Truly your support and kind words are what keep our

After the successful petition on change.org that was followed by the passing of the Toxic chemicals prohibition and control law, Ceresav is now embarking on a national advocacy and sensitization campaign to promote awareness of Acid Attack Violence in Uganda and to push for a separate Acid attack Violence Control

While CERESAV continues to advocate for legislative policy change to address the problem of acid attack violence in Uganda, attacks continue to be reported. Currently, CERESAV is working with 3 acid attack patients in the hospital. Specifically, one Sumaiya Namwaje was attacked at the time she was 7 months pregnant.